“Switch2Product Innovation Challenge” – NECST Winner

DockerCap’s project by Rolando Brondolin has won the first award of the “Switch2Product Innovation Challenge” (category: “Idee Imprenditoriali”), an idea by PoliHub, Deloitte Italia and The Technology Transfer office of Politecnico di Milano, that was created to enhance research-driven technologies, develop new entrepreneurship and promote innovative business solutions.

Project’s abstract:
The exponential growth of the cloud-based solutions offered both by market leaders and startups is leading to a renewed interest on techniques able to manage and optimize cloud-based applications. The Docker container technology, in particular, proposes novel challenges in an extremely open market, from the correct performance management, applications metering and monitoring and power-aware optimizations. DockerCap optimizes power consumption of infrastructures and applications, still guaranteeing the performance the applications and customers requires.